7th-Path Self-Hypnosis® Classes

Learn to transform your life in the privacy of your own mind
7th path self-hypnosis® is a powerful approach to self-improvement. It is the only one of its kind, combining hypnosis, meditation and profound personal learning, and it is taught while you are in a state of self-hypnosis, focusing on first removing limiting beliefs and old programing, allowing you to then make suggestions for specific change.

* Free yourself from all of the stress, negative programing and painful emotions from the past.
* Be a more patient person, freeing yourself from becoming too angry, frustrated, or sad.
* Heal your body from stress-induced health problems and begin to enjoy your sleep,feeling refreshed when you wake.
* Learn to program yourself for success,live in the moment and become more confident.

7th path® is easy to incorporate into your schedule, only 5-10 minutes per day in the privacy of your own home or space, is all that is needed. it is a powerful approach to self-improvement.

7th path® helps with a variety of issues, like overcoming bad habits such as smoking, eating too much, and substance abuse. it can also help you create new habits, like sticking with an exercise or activity schedule, eating healthier, and studying for exams or school. it can improve your self-image and self-esteem, make you a better partner, parent, and friend. it can help you save money, expand your thinking, and overcoming fears, reducing stress, and sleeping better.

included in the sessions
* How the mind works
* How hypnosis works
* An understanding and awareness of emotions and how they impact our behaviour and thinking
* How to practice 7th path and induce self-hypnosis
* How to structure and compose optimal suggestions for self-hypnosis success

Next Dates
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The course consists of 3 classes
Each class is 2+1/2 hours 
The course cost is $150.00
= $50 per session
15% Discount for early bookings 
25% Discount if you book with a friend
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My name is Cat Thomas and I am a qualified Hypnosis Professional. I am registered with the National Guild of Hypnotists. I am additionally Certified in the Advanced Hypnotherapy System called 5-PATH® and a Certified 7th-Path Self-Hypnosis Teacher.

I teach my hypnotherapy clients this powerful and incredibly simple to use style of self-hypnosis as part of their therapy sessions and i also use it myself daily. it clears out the mental and emotional cobwebs that are naturally created with every day living and also removes negative programing from the past.
For individual private sessions please contact me on: 619-569-6131 or from the contact page

7th Path Self-Hypnosis® gives you a dynamic approach to life
Transform yourself for long term change