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* Certified Hypnotherapist - National Guild of Hypnotists - NGH

* Certified 5-PATH® Hypnotherapist

* Certified 7th Path Self-Hypnosis Teacher

* Member of the 5-PATH® International Association of Hypnosis Professionals


Cat Thomas

My aim is to help you achieve your goals, whether they are to overcome an addiction, deal with weight or health issues, conquer anxiety and master your stress, or to empower yourself and face life's obstacles. Let me help you find that healing path and become a success.

For the past 25 years, Hypnosis has held a special interest for me after stopping smoking following a 2 hour session in 1994. I had been smoking since I was 13 (for 24 years) and had tried some pretty wacky ways over the years to give up cigarettes. A chance recommendation from a friend, sent me to a Hypnotherapist who successfully sent me away that day a non-smoker.

It had a profound affect on me and was the reason I later (14 years later) sought the help again of another Hypnotherapist. This time for an emotional issue that had been holding me back for some years. The Therapist was trained in a technique called 5-PATH® Hypnosis and after the five sessions that I had, it left me clear of a problem I had had since my teens and invigorated my self-confidence, giving me a desire to train one day as a hypnotherapist using the 5-PATH® System.

My early training was in Child Development and Education in 1975 in London. Over the following years I worked with children and families in various day care settings, using techniques such as Family Therapy, One-on-One Counselling, Transactional Analysis and leading Self-Help Groups for both youngsters and adults.

During this time I also trained as a listener for the parent support line, 'Parentline'.

I then went on to train to teach in adult education, instructing childcare professionals and providing assertiveness training for the clients of the Suffolk mental health group - Mid-Suffolk Mind

In 2012 I moved back to the United States and in 2015 completed the National Guild of Hypnosis Certification Course at the Banyan Hypnosis Center in Tustin, California. Also qualifying in the advanced hypnotherapy system called 5-PATH® and becoming a certified 7th Path Self-Hypnosis Teacher.

I am excited to be able to help others with Hypnosis Therapy, knowing that it is a profoundly life changing process. I am based in San Diego - you can contact me here - I look forward to hearing from you and talking with you about how I can help you through Hypnosis.

IMG_6977Enjoy hypnosis in the mountains of east San Diego - for a sublime experience

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