Hypnosis Therapy has hundreds of applications. It can help with lack of focus, confidence, changing eating habits and weight loss, giving up habits like smoking or drinking, sports/academic performance, excessive fears, bed wetting, eating disorders, grief, stress, anxiety and relationships and much more. Here you will find a few audio recordings which will give you a taste of my approach to working with different situations we as humans can have difficulty with in our lives


Here is a Self Hypnosis and relaxation audio to help you begin your journey to a more calm and less anxious lifestyle.


“Put aside anxious thoughts and be at peace. Smile, breathe and go slowly. One day at a time, one moment at a time.” Cat Thomas

Find out more about Anxiety and how Hypnotherapy can help you



MINDFULNESS is a form of Self-Hypnosis and focused attention, it is the practice of being aware of your body, of your mind, and of your feelings in the present moment, creating a feeling of calm
Mindfulness can be done in a number of different ways. Paying attention to a daily activity, you can mindfully brush your teeth, mindfully eat a raisin, mindfully walk, or you can mindfully sit and breathe.
Mindfulness is the practice of redirecting our attention. Mindfulness is about staying in the present and experiencing the gift of this moment.

Find yourself 20 minutes and a quiet comfortable space and enjoy this wonderful feeling of calm  and begin your journey to a more focused in the moment lifestyle.


“Remember you are a shining star, shining bright ~ breathe easily and normally and pay attention to your breath and feel the joy of living in the moment” Cat Thomas

Find out more about Mindfulness and how it works with Hypnotherapy COMING SOON


 Through hypnosis sessions you can discover a new way of thinking about food. Hypnosis can change your mind, change your pattern of behavior, and what it can also do is continue to support your mission to be slim and healthy by using self hypnosis and guided suggestions on hypnotic audios to keep you on the path.

For healthy and successful weight loss you need to take a strategic approach. This audio will hopefully encourage you to want to make those changes and seek the help of hypnosis to become a leaner, healthier you.