Hypnosis Has Helped Millions Break A Deep Rooted Habit

Hypnosis is a tool that can help you, just like it has helped millions of other people, to take back control and stop a limiting habit for good.

When you are ready to quit for good then you are ready for hypnosis, and I as a professional Certified Hypnotherapist want to help you quit as many have before you.

Some habits typically may be smoking tobacco or weed, drinking too much or too often, consuming too much caffeine, binge eating. But there are many more ways that we attempt to self medicate to feel better, and often the habit has crept up on you.

(please note that if you are under a doctor for your habit I will need a doctor referral to begin our work together)

Two customised programs to choose from
I offer two programs because it is my experience that a 'one size fits all' approach does not provide the effectiveness of offering a more flexible and customised approach.

I can can help you decide which program is best for you.
One approach that I offer is called the Accelerated  Program. This program requires two sessions to complete, which provides a much greater effectiveness than can be provided by any one-session quit your habit program.

The other program takes a more thorough and Hypnotherapeutic approach. It takes into consideration the more complex emotional aspects of the habits that need breaking.

Most people recognise that their habit is more than just a habit, and that stress and other emotions can play a major factor. When they are under stress or experience other emotions, the drive to smoke, or drink too much or too often can become much stronger.

The Quit Your Habit Hypnotherapy Program is designed to help reduce the level of stress you feel in your life, while at the same time provides you with powerful hypnotic suggestions that will make it easier for you to break with your habit.

You will also learn about 'The Secret Language of Feelings' which will help you to better understand how habit and emotions interact. With this approach you will have what it takes, so that you will know what to do when life’s stresses arise. Once you have left your habit behind, you won’t need to go back to it in order to cope with the ups and downs of life. You can finally be free for life.

With this more therapeutic and educational approach, your hypnotherapist can also offer you the opportunity to learn 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® By learning self-hypnosis you can be confident that you can reinforce the work done with your hypnotherapist if ever you are tempted in the future.

As a bonus, once you learn self-hypnosis you can use it to make any kind of positive changes you want to make in the future, such as: removing other bad habits, improving motivation, improving sleep, and much more.

The Accelerated Hypnotherapy program may be right for you if:
1. You have quit in the past with little difficulty.

2. You have successfully quit by using hypnosis before.

3. You are highly motivated to break your habit.

The Hypnotherapeutic Program may be the right choice for you if:
1. You tried to quit before but failed because you became very irritable or emotional.

2. You tried to quit before but failed because you gained a substantial amount of weight.

3. When you think about quitting smoking, it makes you feel nervous or emotional.

4. Quitting smoking is like giving up an old friend.

There is no need to decide before you call. It is best if you call me and I can help you to decide which program is best for you.

Hypnosis can help you succeed when nothing else has worked!
Hypnosis has helped so many people find the root of their habit and quit when nothing else has worked.

If you have tried and tried again to quit without success, then give yourself the opportunity to learn more about how hypnosis and hypnotherapy can help you to stop for good, so that you can finally be free of the old self-destructive habit.

It is now commonly accepted that all hypnosis is really self-hypnosis. When you follow the instructions I give you, you will actually be hypnotizing yourself.

I am a  highly trained and qualified hypnosis professional,  certified and a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists.

I have also undergone advanced professional training and achieved additional certification in the advanced hypnotherapy system called 5-PATH®

I am bound by professional ethics and the laws of the state of California and I will maintain the highest ethical standards, treat you with respect and maintain confidentiality as required by law.

Call me today so that I can answer any questions that you might have so that you can learn more about hypnosis and hypnotherapy. I offer a free 30 minute consultation which will enable you to decide whether hypnosis and hypnotherapy is right for you.

Hypnosis can be your tool for success!

I encourage you to call or come and meet me in my office for a free 30 minute consultation to ask me questions about hypnosis and my services and find out if hypnosis is for you. I enjoy answering questions. It is part of my job.

Whether you choose the Accelerated Hypnotherapy program or the Hypnotherapeutic Program, Hypnosis can help you succeed when nothing else has worked!